Our Story

 Sean and i met over the internet through a mutual friend. We both were from the same area but never knew each other. he was in Maryland for AIT at the time. we talked online and texted for 2months. he came home for Christmas leave December 17th, 2007. i was the first person he came to see when he was home and ever since that i was the person he always came home too. the only thing that was able to separate us was the military. 

Sean gave me an engagement ring September 22nd, 2008. my 19th birthday! the BEST birthday ever. we been talking about marriage from the moment we got together. we got married December 23rd, 2008. when you know, you just know. and i knew he was my other half. I've never been so in love with someone and I've never felt so connected to someone.  we had a small court house wedding with our parents and best friends. and hope to have a dream wedding sometime in our future.

i moved to seans duty station in february 2009. and shortly after in may we found out we were expecting !!
sean was due to deploy in august, and i knew it was going to be very hard for the both of us
 a couple days before he was leaving we found out we were having a boy!! 

our son aidan andrew was due january 16th,2010 but made his grand entrance into the world early
born on december 30th,2009 at 7:00am a beautiful 6lb. 4oz. 18.5in baby boy.
my husband missed the birth because he came early, it was heartbreaking but he came home on R&R when Aidan was 2 weeks old.

sean missed so much of aidans life but he came home from his first deployment in july 2010.
and him and Aidan are inseparable. 
Aidan is the perfect mixture of both his mommy and daddy and brings such joy to our lives.

i look forward to making many more memories with my husband and son and even adding on to our family.