Thursday, February 24, 2011


so as i've said in earlier posts hubby and i are ttc#2 and i have to say this  month has been a sad month to me.
getting pregnant has always seemed so easy to hubby and me but now that we are actually trying its NOT. and 3 of my friends found out they were pregnant this month!!! i guess you could say i'm just a tad jealous, but i am most def HAPPY for them so dont get me wrong. i just wish i had found out i was pregnant this month along with them... :( i feel as if its never going to happen cuz i want it to happen so bad. i really want my husband to be there this time around and not a miss a thing and i feel like the longer it takes the more likely hes NOT gonna be here which idk what i'll do if he misses another pregnancy or another birth... i hate the military... i hate that i have to live every day in fear that'll he can leave tomorrow. i hate that he has to miss stuff.. and hes ALWAYS gonna miss stuff...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

oh my!

its been almost a week since i updated! SO where to start!!! i got my camera and i am in love, i still need to figure out how to work it all but i will get there. my husband got me photoshop i have NO idea how to work it so thats another thing i need to learn as well !! lol. hubby got to come home this weekend we had a good time took aidan to a little zoo and just enjoyed eachother... here are some pictures from the zoo taken with my new camera :D! hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hubby left for WLC at 3am this morning :( boo. they also switched the days! so instead of being home on the 3rd he'll be home on the 10th! ugh i hope it goes quick! i hate sleeping alone. i guess one nice thing is he gets to come home on saturdays and go back sunday night. so we do have ONE chance to try and make a baby this month. i'm hoping we get lucky and get it right! and get a BFP next month!! wish us luck!!

also, aidan already misses his daddy too! he was walking around the house saying daddy none stop tonight :(.  its only gonna get harder as he gets bigger! he loves his daddy so much...