Thursday, February 24, 2011


so as i've said in earlier posts hubby and i are ttc#2 and i have to say this  month has been a sad month to me.
getting pregnant has always seemed so easy to hubby and me but now that we are actually trying its NOT. and 3 of my friends found out they were pregnant this month!!! i guess you could say i'm just a tad jealous, but i am most def HAPPY for them so dont get me wrong. i just wish i had found out i was pregnant this month along with them... :( i feel as if its never going to happen cuz i want it to happen so bad. i really want my husband to be there this time around and not a miss a thing and i feel like the longer it takes the more likely hes NOT gonna be here which idk what i'll do if he misses another pregnancy or another birth... i hate the military... i hate that i have to live every day in fear that'll he can leave tomorrow. i hate that he has to miss stuff.. and hes ALWAYS gonna miss stuff...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

oh my!

its been almost a week since i updated! SO where to start!!! i got my camera and i am in love, i still need to figure out how to work it all but i will get there. my husband got me photoshop i have NO idea how to work it so thats another thing i need to learn as well !! lol. hubby got to come home this weekend we had a good time took aidan to a little zoo and just enjoyed eachother... here are some pictures from the zoo taken with my new camera :D! hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hubby left for WLC at 3am this morning :( boo. they also switched the days! so instead of being home on the 3rd he'll be home on the 10th! ugh i hope it goes quick! i hate sleeping alone. i guess one nice thing is he gets to come home on saturdays and go back sunday night. so we do have ONE chance to try and make a baby this month. i'm hoping we get lucky and get it right! and get a BFP next month!! wish us luck!!

also, aidan already misses his daddy too! he was walking around the house saying daddy none stop tonight :(.  its only gonna get harder as he gets bigger! he loves his daddy so much...

Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day

it wasnt a bad day. hubby was a tad cranky since he worked for over 24 hours with no sleep, and the fact that he had to come home and pack to leave for WLC at 3am. we didnt do anything exciting but i got some chocolates and a charm for my pandora bracelet. i made some cupcakes the night before and aidan got to smash into one today! he sure enjoyed that ! he also got some goodies today. a toy pair of carkeys, lollipops, a sippy cup and a plate oh and a new tooth brush (he loves to brush his teeth)....

i have to say though the best part of the day was the fact that i got to order my nikon d3100 ! i am so excited for it to get here! we got such a good deal too! saved 160$ and free shipping and since we ordered it from aafes theres no tax of course. shes a beauty! and i cant wait to start taking pictures with her! ;)

hope everyone enjoyed there valentines day !!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


so i went shopping last night and got a cute table cloth, plates, napkins, little stuff for aidan and cupcake stuff . i really wanted to make v-day fun! and than romantic later on for hubby and me. its aidans first vday with daddy home so i thought we could decorate cupcakes together! i asked sean if he would wake up early instead of sleeping all day to do it with us ! and he said to me me "what do you mean wake up early i probably wont be home till 3am cuz i have a jump sunday and i have to pack for WLC cause i leave tuesday." well there goes valentines day....... i know its only valentines day but still, even when he is home and not deployed we still cant seem to do's just so upsetting.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

baby dust.

oh did i mention we are trying to have another baby!
we been trying since demcember 2010. 
we are both hoping for alittle girl.
i cant wait to be a mom again ! i hope we get that little pink plus sign soon !!!


we spent new years in new york. better yet we spent it with my best friend kerrie (aidans godmother) and aidans little girlfriend, kerries daughter hailey. 

this past month was a great month too. my husband went to the promotion board for SGT and he passed.
we found out he made points at the end of January and was pinned sgt February 1st. i got to hand him his award at the promotion ceremony, which was such an honor. i am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments.

still as sexy in uniform as the first day we met ;)


i totally forgot i started this, things have been so busy. but i really want to get into this and write a couple days a week.
so lets catch up on whats happened.

Aidan had his first thanksgiving dinner and it was also the first
thanksgiving dinner i made! and our first as a family.

aidan really enjoyed all the food! there was nothing he didnt like. infact he didnt stop eating ;)

aidan not only had his first thanksgiving but his first christmas!! he was one spoiled boy this year not only by his mommy and daddy but grandparents and godmother. we spent christmas together in our home.

leaving cookies for santa

after we did gifts we drove up to new york so Aidan could see his family.

Aidan also turned the BIG 1 !! i cant believe my baby is 1. its crazy how fast time is going.

my friend katie also took some pictures for aidans birthday!

and aidan had a HUGE party with all his friends and family <3
here are pictures from the party

thanks for looking!